Sex, Mobs of Fans, and the City

September 3, 2009

2008_sex_and_the_city_002As expected, fans were out in drones during the first day of shooting for the sequel of Sex and the City. While they filmed on the Upper East Side a single scene of Sarah Jessica Parker hailing a cab, the fans couldn’t get enough, lagging around for hours.  When shooting was over, the potential of hounding wasn’t over but with SJP’s security in tow there’s no getting close to her.  Ostensibly, she told them to be “nice” to the oglers.

Having seen the series shot many times in and around the city, I remember fans hanging around then too but it was much more subdued so much so that you could even hear shady whispers from production as they complained that SJP “takes way too long to get ready.”  Oh, the good days!

What’s weird?  What’s the hubbub all about really?   SJP can be seen walking the streets of NYC (without security I might add) on many given days.  I have had several run-ins with her.  One of which where she stood literally two feet away from me, in front of my building, juggling a Blackberry, another phone, and a Daffy’s bag.  Only SJP could look F-I-E-R-C-E with a Daffy’s bag!

File under: And, yep, everyone is also trying to find out the details of the script as speculations are abound why Carrie does not wear her wedding ring in some scenes shot.


Sex, Sarah Jessica, and the City…

September 1, 2009

sex_and_the_city.0.0.0x0.290x286Entertainment Tonight’s website reports  Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in Manhattan, ostensibly shooting the sequel to Sex and the City.

With an expected release of May 2010, I know there is going to be another storm of fans camping out to get glimpses of their getting-up-there idols; rabid media outlets trying to get scene details; spoiler-alerts abound; and two and three versions taped to avert the peering/prying eyes.

While the ever-elusive other character in the series is New York, it does seem to offer all types of unforeseen issues.  It’s all still great publicity for a franchise that seems to have no impending end though.

File under: I am so full of excitement.  I  just can’t wait to see this on… DVD.

Charles Perez in Battle

August 9, 2009

charles%20perezThe guys I love over at TMZ have recently reported that Charles Perez — after being demoted from his original nightly news post over at an ABC Miami affiliate for being “gayer than the public can handle” — has now been fired after he filed suit.  

I mean how gay is too gay for the public?  Was he walking around in a boa and ass-less chaps?  Who would see the ass-less chaps anyway?  He is behind a desk! Ha.  No, but let’s not be ridiculous here.  It’s the news!  How many ways can you gay that up?  Well, one of the theories is that it has nothing to do with his on-air appeal at all and stemmed from a private email one of Perez’s former boyfriends sent to his bosses.  Seems the sharp-as-nails bosses interpreted the email between Perez and his therapist as a desire to have a sex change operation.  

I feel like I grew up with Perez in a way.  In recent years, I have seen him take over for anchors on ABC New York-side.  I really remember Perez from way back on his Ricki Lake-esque talk show “The Charles Perez Show”.  But, even before that, I remember him on the first season of the “Real World”.  He had a brief-yet-memorable pairing with Norm, if you recall.  Remember when they went to the rally together and sat cuddling on the grassy knoll?  Back then, he was trying desperately to keep his sexuality a secret and I think that was what lead to the demise of his burgeoning relationship with Norm.  Norm cried and cried!  Awww!  

Anyway, Perez is suing and he has every right to.  I am so sick of the archaic!  Just let the man be and do his job!  I mean look at Sam Champion!  I am still not sure if he came out yet but, if you remember from another post, when you walk around the city in frayed cut off shorts and rollerblades, doesn’t leave very much to the imagination.  Maybe New York is just a bit more forward-thinking and forgiving (even the gays should be mad about the cutoff shorts)!  

File under: And remember those steely blue eyes?  Wish you luck, Perez!