Adam Lambert gay? No!!!!!

June 10, 2009

adam-lambertRolling Stone has released a sneak peak of its most highly-anticipated article featuring American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert.  In it, he says he is in fact… wait… wait… wait for it… G-A-Y.  Stunner, I know!  I mean the shots of his beaming boyfriend in the audience during the competition and the hoards of pictures of him in varying states of drag-dress truly aren’t enough.  We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth and dedicate a cover story to it!  It’s the only thing left!

Sequin jackets aside, I think Lambert is actually a very talented singer and if he has some great songs in his corner, I think he should be a major success.  It’s sad that the issue of his sexuality has clouded much else but I don’t know if I expected much else.  What I can appreciate is that he is willing to set it straight that he is “proud” and readily “embraces” his sexuality!  Kudos to you, Adam.  I know a lot of celebrities who should do the same.

Does anyone else think his voice is reminiscent of Axl Rose?  I was waiting all season for him to sing a Guns N’ Roses’ song then I remembered that Rose probably would never give clearance for any of his songs on A.I.  Though we did get to see Lambert with Slash.  I guess that’s as close as we are going to get.

File under gratuitous outings.


Magic Dragon pt. 1

January 24, 2009

dragon2So you know how my dissenters will sometimes say I have an overwrought and almost sick need to out celebrities?  Well, if you don’t know now you know!  They’ve been saying it and, yes, more importantly, I have dissenters.  People are actually reading this blog!  I wish they would just have the balls to post their sentiments publicly.  Alas, they don’t!

So to appease them… or displease them rather… this is yet another outing!!!  I was never one to acquiesce.  Let’s call the outing victim Magic Dragon (it will make sense soon).

See, I don’t give names!  It’s not my fault that I have very savvy readers who could decode my thinly veiled blind items in a matter of seconds!  Who knew my readers were so smart!?!?  I for sure didn’t!!!  Now wipe that dribble off your faces, guys, the yellow bus is waiting!

I have to preface this week’s particular outing by writing that I do not get off on outing celebrities — quite the contrary really…  Though I must admit I haven’t had to squeeze the cannoli since I started this blog…  I kid,I kid…

Celebs are America’s royalty.  You have heard that argument before, I gather.  Well, it’s true!  I know, I know, it’s sad but true.  We live for insight into their lives, want to know they put one sock on at a time, want to know they scratch their balls like the rest of us (right, Sis?  Well… Transsssis?!?!)  

We don’t have kings, queens, next-in-lines, castaways but we surely have Brangelina, Tom-Kat and… and… Worrakell.  (That last one was my little ditty or portmanteau [for my advanced degree awardees]!  It’s Kelly Osbourne and her new beau Luke Worrall… I know, I know, you could care less and what’s worse they’re British.  Still I made that up on my own.  Kudos to me! Worrakell.  I like that!  I am contacting the Post… or Star… you know, the reputable rags!)  

Anyhoo, so getting insight into celebs’ personal lives is interesting — especially if it involves some sexual proclivity they aren’t too keen on divulging.  It’s like that uncle you know who dresses in women’s clothing and you are dying to tell his wife and kids at the dinner table during Thanksgiving so you disguise his name (Tony for Toni or something like that) and spill the beans.  Or is that just me?  I guess I am just evil!

Oh yeah… the outing…  I digressed again.  Check the outing in my next entry.  I think it needs its own post and I promise I will get “straight” to the point.  That pun was soooo intended by the way!