<<REWIND: Greg Scarnici's “12 Inch Freak”

September 3, 2009

Photo Credit: Jeff Eason

Photo Credit: Jeff Eason

TMZ, Perezhilton, MTV and many others are in love with Greg Scarnici, the New York comedian who has been a viral video hit with over seven million hits.  His parodies of Britney Spears, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse and others have garnered him a lot of attention and it’s time to capitalize, baby.  You go, boy!

Scarnici has 12 inches for his fans and he wants you to put it in your slot.  Your CD-rom (to transfer to ITunes) and/or CD player of course!  He will release 12 Inch Freak, an album that moves away from ripping apart the celebs and instead parodies dance music genres such as Hip Hop, New Wave, House, Electro, Slow Jam.

Some of the singles featured will be the ode to bisexuality “Curious” (featured on MTV), “Oooh…Yeah…”, “I Wanna…” and “Hater Anthem.”  The latter video will debut on September 15th on YouTube.

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Brody Jenner, Joe Francis: Boys Gone Wild

August 28, 2009
Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

Now, I have no love for any of the parties involved in this crazy story but to hit a lady?  That’s pretty low even for you, Joe Francis!

TMZ reports that Brody Jenner’s wasp-stung lips girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, may be nursing fatter lips after last night’s rumble at an LA nightclub.  Seems Girls Gone Wild creator Francis was hitting “relentlessly” on a mutual friend of Jenner and Nicole’s and when Nicole thought it was a bit too much, she threw a drink on him.

How does the gallant Francis react?  Well, according to Jenner he pulls Nicole’s hair, punches her in the face, and then in a last ditch effort of chivalry, throws her to the ground to only pummel her with kicks.

When both Jenner and Francis were removed from the club, Jenner goes after Francis and punches him in the face.  To add insult to pretty messy injury, Jenner then gets tasered from “someone” (hopefully, a law enforcer and not some random person with a taser gun; who randomly has a taser gun).

Jayde says she will press charges!

File under: Bloody Mess!  See TMZ video HERE!

Me Likey: Jenna Jameson

August 27, 2009
Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

You know many have said I am not gay enough.  I am sure it has to do with my overwrought obsession with women.  I love having them around, I love looking at them, I just appreciate them too much they say.  Let’s not even get into my love for the lesbians!  Well, anyhoo, I have been obsessed with porn-star-turned-mogul Jenna Jameson for YEARS now.

I remember one day back in college sitting uncomfortably on a dusty plaid couch in some dorm, next to a lesbian friend of mine, as we watched an interesting porn.  I don’t know how we got ourselves into that situation but I am sure it involved vodka, shot glasses, and levels of boredom that were indescribable.  Anyhoo, there, on one of those small tvs with a built-in VCR player, I saw this blond bombshell gyrating on a motorcycle in some huge expanse of a parking lot.  Right away, I thought three things: a.) Who is she? b.) Did Harley Davidson really intend for its bucket seats to be used that way? c.) Um, wow, she has no hair down there.  Anyhoo, that’s when my obsession started.

It wouldn’t be until a year later that I realized she was the same girl I’d seen on Howard Stern detailing the sordid details of her life.  Jameson never denied that she owes much of her success to Stern and her visits to the show.  And she has a lot to be grateful for as she still remains the most successful porn star to date.

This year Jameson gave birth to twin boys (the father is UFC Champion Tito Ortiz) and she’s looking better than ever!  I have to say pre-pregnancy, I was getting a little worried with all that weight she was losing as she looked more like the LA-cliche rather than the buxom hottie she truly is.  Stay that way, Jenna!  Me Likey!  ME LIKEY A LOT!

File under: Um, I need a gay intervention!  Pass me my tight jeans, stat!

Charles Perez in Battle

August 9, 2009

charles%20perezThe guys I love over at TMZ have recently reported that Charles Perez — after being demoted from his original nightly news post over at an ABC Miami affiliate for being “gayer than the public can handle” — has now been fired after he filed suit.  

I mean how gay is too gay for the public?  Was he walking around in a boa and ass-less chaps?  Who would see the ass-less chaps anyway?  He is behind a desk! Ha.  No, but let’s not be ridiculous here.  It’s the news!  How many ways can you gay that up?  Well, one of the theories is that it has nothing to do with his on-air appeal at all and stemmed from a private email one of Perez’s former boyfriends sent to his bosses.  Seems the sharp-as-nails bosses interpreted the email between Perez and his therapist as a desire to have a sex change operation.  

I feel like I grew up with Perez in a way.  In recent years, I have seen him take over for anchors on ABC New York-side.  I really remember Perez from way back on his Ricki Lake-esque talk show “The Charles Perez Show”.  But, even before that, I remember him on the first season of the “Real World”.  He had a brief-yet-memorable pairing with Norm, if you recall.  Remember when they went to the rally together and sat cuddling on the grassy knoll?  Back then, he was trying desperately to keep his sexuality a secret and I think that was what lead to the demise of his burgeoning relationship with Norm.  Norm cried and cried!  Awww!  

Anyway, Perez is suing and he has every right to.  I am so sick of the archaic!  Just let the man be and do his job!  I mean look at Sam Champion!  I am still not sure if he came out yet but, if you remember from another post, when you walk around the city in frayed cut off shorts and rollerblades, doesn’t leave very much to the imagination.  Maybe New York is just a bit more forward-thinking and forgiving (even the gays should be mad about the cutoff shorts)!  

File under: And remember those steely blue eyes?  Wish you luck, Perez!


August 8, 2009

Photo Credit: TMZ

I am the blogger (I can’t believe I called myself that, ew) who likes much more to expel my own celebrity gossip rather than fish other conglomerate sources for my juice.  However, I have become a bit obsessed with TMZ.  Not the website; I am more  obsessed with the show on Fox!  

It’s not only my fascination with how celebrities are slowly becoming slightly enamored with Harvey Levin’s band of videographers/photographers/stalkers but more so with just how funny the cast of “researchers/producers” on the show are.  These merry cubicle-dwellers are hilarious and it all conspires to be some pretty off-the-cuff fare!  As I am one who has a penchant for deadpan humor, I totally can appreciate them all and want to hear from this peanut gallery.  Seriously some of them have to be like nightclub comedians on their time off.  

Levin isn’t too shabby himself.  He’s pretty darn witty and is a lot more book smart than people probably think!  What they cannot deny is that this man is business-savvy and is not going anywhere anytime soon and neither is his militia for that matter.  America is way too celebrity-obsessed for that.  

And Levin’s thermos with the red straw in it?  Classic!  The leaning against the divider?  Even more classic!  I need to come up with my own trademark thing.  Maybe I will tweak a nipple after every blog post.  Hmmm…  You guys wouldn’t see that though.  Never mind.  

Oh well, keep up the salacious work, guys at TMZ!!!  ME LIKEY!!!

File under: Who is that curly-haired guy in the back.  I think he’s the funniest!